Terms of Use

Last Updated: May 2020


1. General provisions

1.1. This document (“LEXIS – projects promotion group: Terms of Use”), which is referred to as “Terms of Use” at www.lexis.am website (hereinafter referred to as Lexis or Website), sets out the rules, requirements and conditions to be followed by the authors of the projects (developers), investors and website visitors (hereafter referred to as “users”) when using the website.
1.2. The Terms of Use are not limited solely to the rules set out in this document. Rules for using the Website also include rules, requirements, and terms contained in other pages of the Website, as well as in notices (notifications), guidelines, in frequently asked questions, in technical settings and specifications of the Website, that together with the Privacy Policy and other documents published on the Website, are an integral part of this documents, equivalent to the rules contained in this document (hereinafter referred to as Terms of Use) and must be properly followed by users.
1.3. Users (including visitors) must follow the Terms of Use. By using the Website, users are conclusively agreeing to be acquainted with and agree with the Terms of Use of the Website, acknowledging that non-compliance with these terms may have negative consequences for them.
1.4. While submitting projects or articles to publish in the Website or in other cases of using the Website, users should state that they have read and accept the Terms of Use, including the Privacy Policy and agree to the requirements set out therein, which means arising of contractual relationships between the Website coordinator and the user, the content of which is defined by the Terms of Use.

2. Terms and Definitions

The terms using in the Website have the following meanings:

commercial project – business idea or business plan, the main goal of which is to make profit
developer – a natural person (individual), a sole entrepreneur, a group of persons or an organization, who is the author of a commercial, non-commercial or social entrepreneurship project
grant announcement – a program addressed to social, scientific, educational, health, cultural, religious, environmental and other issues that has been announced by any fund (foundation) or investor, and includes the intention to provide funding for the implementation of the project
grant project – a project addressed to social, scientific, educational, health, cultural, religious, environmental and other issues, which is developed by its author and means his intention to realise the project in case of funding
grant proposal – a project addressed to social, scientific, educational, health, cultural, religious, environmental and other issues the solution of which is identified in a grant statement of the author
investment – for the purpose of this website, the investment implies not only the introduction of financial investments into a particular business or social project, but also the provision of grant support, loan or loan, credit, franchise or any other form of financial assistance provided for any project
investor – a natural person (individual), a sole entrepreneur, a group of persons or an entity, which, under certain conditions, with or without compensation, provides financial means for the implementation of a commercial, non-commercial project or a social entrepreneurship program
non-commercial project – a social program that does not addressed to make profit and is aimed at solve social, scientific, educational, health, cultural, religious, environmental and other issues and to gain public benefits
organisation – limited liability company, joint-stock company, commercial association, state non-profit organization, non-profit, non-governmental organization, foundation, cooperative or other legal entity, using the website as investor or developer (through its authorized representative or contact person)
publication –
making submitted information visible (accessible) to the public that is ensuring by the Website coordinator through the Website according to the Terms of Use
project – a commercial (investment) or non-commercial project (program) that a registered user offers to implement in case of funding
publishing of information – making accessible the information submitted by the user that carries out the site coordinator in accordance with the Terms of Use
user – developer, investor, or a Website visitor, who uses the Website by logging into his/her account or without logging into it according to the Website’s technical settings, including receiving, using or publishing information through the Website
social entrepreneurship – an approach by start-up companies and entrepreneurs, in which they develop, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues
submission of information – registration of any information by the user in any section of the Website by using the appropriate tools of the site or by submitting any information to the Website coordinator via e-mail, contact form, submission form, or any other means of communication
website coordinator – Website owner and operating entity, that is “Lyudvig Davtyan” Law office.

3. Website Objective and Purpose

3.1. Lexis is an online platform for investment initiatives and investors to become a bridge between project developers and investors. Its mission is to promote projects development by increasing their visibility and accessibility in online environment.
3.2. The Website is purely informative, advisory and can not be interpreted as a guarantee of mandatory funding or implementation of any published project.
3.3. Submitting a project via the Website does not guarantee the precondition for getting funding for any project or guarantee of its implementation.
3.4. The Website operator (Website coordinator) is not an investment firm, it does not provide investment services and does not provide investment advice.

4. Assurances

4.1. To submit projects and or to use Website some features the Website settings requires users to submit contact details, fill out submission forms and provide some personal information to Lexis (Please see also Privacy Policy).
4.2. The Website coordinator is not responsible for any issues that may be caused by the Website inaccessibility at any time or for any reason.
4.3. The Website coordinator is authorized to restrict logging in or access to certain sections of the Website without the prior notice or justification according to the Terms of Use.
4.4. Notices, notifications, or other information addressed to the users are submitting by the website coordinator to the e-mail address registered at the time of their submission and are deemed to be received not depending on their actual receipt․
4.5. Users are required to take the necessary measures to receive e-mails sent to their e-mail address and should ensure that it is only available to them or other authorized persons.
4.6. Users can contact the Website coordinator to request certain information or submit certain claims using the online contact form or send an e-mail to i[email protected] if the form is not available.
4.7. Users are required to take the necessary measures to prevent third parties accessing their account on the Website or illegally disclosing their username or password by others, if according to the Website technical settings it is prescribed to open an account and use the Website through that account. They are required to immediately inform the Website coordinator of disclosure of their username and password by unauthorized persons.
4.8. The Website coordinator has the right not to allow any user identification code or password to be used at any time, if such user violates the Terms of Use or does not comply with them.
4.9. Users may be held responsible for deliberately or negligently disclosing their Identity Code or password to the third party which violates the Terms of Use or any other infringement by a third party that does not exempt a user from fulfilling his/her obligations defined by the Terms of Use.
4.10. Users are required to take action to ensure that all persons who have access to the Website from their internet connection are familiar with and follow these rules.

5. Access to Information

5.1. Users can submit projects, their summaries and project related materials (e.g., videos, business plans, presentations, etc.) for publication on the Website in accordance with the Terms of Use, as well as get acquainted with the published project or apply to them for investment.
5.2. When submitting a project for publication, the developer must indicate which part he wants to publish: a) only the summary of the project, b) full project or c) the project and the attached files.
5.3. The summary of the project is its summary without the details of the project, which includes the project title, brief description, place of implementation, type and scope of the project, type and size of required investment, term and conditions of investment return in commercial and social entrepreneurship projects and financing period of non-commercial projects.

5․4․ The data described in the summary are required fields that must be completed in the project submission form․

5.5. After receiving a project submitted by a user, the Website coordinator reviews it, and in case of its compliance to the Terms of use posts its summary on the Website without publishing information on the name and contact details of the developer. The developer and the projects have their unique identification codes in the Website.
5.6. Website users interested in projects can apply to the posted projects on the Website through the Website coordinator without disclosing his/her name and contact details to the developer.
5․7․ Website users must use the Website in accordance with its subject matter and objectives and refrain from misconduct while using the Website.
5․8․ In case of finding investment or a project with the help of the Website, users are obliged to inform the Website coordinator immediately.

6. Being free of responsibility

6.1. The Website coordinator publishes information on the Website without any guarantee or precondition of its accuracy.
6.2. The Website coordinator publishes only the information provided by the Website users.
6.3. The Website coordinator may review only the compliance of the information to the content format and accessibility criteria and does not bear responsibility for the content and accuracy of the information provided by users in front of them or against third parties.
6.4. The website coordinator shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection with any use by or in connection with the use of the Website by a website user (including the use of any other site or information placed on the Website) as a result of any loss or damage), which includes:
a) loss of any profits or income, as well as missed gain,
b) loss of business or any other loss;
c) reduction of profit, loss or failure to fulfill the contract;
d) amendment or settlement of the contract;
e) loss of data;
f) loss of will (intent);
g) any other loss, damage, or any other negative consequence.

7. Content format and admissibility criteria

7.1. The content format described in this paragraph refers to any information or material (provided information) submitted by users to the Website coordinator, which they submit to the Website coordinator for publishing in the Website.
7.2. The responsibility of users is to ensure that the project or any information provided to to Lexis are in line with the content format and the admissibility criteria specified in this paragraph.
7.3. An added project and information submitted to Lexis for publishing must:
a) be accurate (if it contains facts), reasonable (if it is opinion or assessment) and at any time updated;
b) be submitted by the user personally or by a person who is authorized to do so on behalf of the user and in his favor;
(c) be linked to any project or program relating to the object and purpose of the Website;
d) be in compliance with the criteria of admissibility;
e) be in compliance with the requirements of the legislation.
7.4. An added project and information submitted to the Lexis for publishing must not:
a) contain any information or formulation that has a slanderous, threatening, insulting nature or preaching hatred, violence, discrimination or other unlawful acts or activities, or which implies invasion of another person’s private life,
b) violate the copyright or related rights of another person;
c) breach any obligation by the user towards a third party, including the obligation to maintain any contractual or confidential information,
d) refer to such projects that are related to activities concerning the follows:
– explosives or ammunition, military, defense or police equipment or outfit and similar products;
– terrorism financing or money laundering;
– sexual exploitation or trafficking in human beings;
– gambling games or related devices and equipment,
– tobacco smuggling, sale of cigarettes or any other activity connected with it,
– production, sale or other distribution of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances,
– any other activity prohibited by law;
e) pursue the purpose of making an illegal act on behalf of another person, distort or misrepresent the identity of the user or person on whose behalf the user acts,
f) leave a false impression that the user is in any way connected with the website coordinator and operates on his behalf, if such authority is not provided by the website coordinator officially.
7.5. An added project in the website must meet at least the following admissibility criteria:
a) the project must comply with the requirements of the legislation, as well as the Terms of Use;
b) the project should be described in the most accurate and correct way;
(c) the project should relate to the permitted types of activity and to pursue a legitimate aim.

8. Publication, modification and removal

8.1. The Website coordinator have the right to publish information in accordance with the Terms of Use or at its sole discretion to reject publication of submitted information wholly or partly.
8.2. The Website coordinator has the right to reuse or revise the information submitted to him in his communication activity.
8.3. Even if the information or part thereof is protected by a user’s intellectual property or copyrights, or contains banking, commercial, official or other confidential information protected by law, the user, by submitting the information to the Website coordinator for publishing, automatically guarantees a free license/authorization to publish that information.
8.4. The Website coordinator is authorized to reject publication of information or remove published information on the Website for fulfilling the legal requirements and the Terms of Use, or for protection of human dignity or business reputation, or banking, commercial, official or other confidential information protected by law, or for other legitimate considerations by notifying the user. The user has no right to require any additional justification from the website coordinator for rejecting the publication of information or removing the published information.
8.5. The website coordinator reserves the right to modify the Website description, external appearance and design, information layout or technical settings at any time.
8.6. If necessary, the Website coordinator has the ability to suspend access to the Website or access to the Website or to close it indefinitely.
8.7. The Website coordinator does not have any obligation to update any expired information or material.

9. Payments

 The Website coordinator has the rights to require payments for using certain features of the Website including registering in the Website, adding a project, making published projects visible, etc, according to its price list and payment methods, by notifying the users and publishing relevant information on the Website.

10. Suspension and termination

10.1. Breach of the Terms of Use of the Website may result in immediate, temporary or permanent restriction of the right of use of the Website, immediate and temporary or permanent removal of published information or material presented by the user.
10.2. In case of a complaint filed by any third party on the violation of the Terms of Use by a user the Website coordinator has the right to request the appropriate user to provide clarifications within a reasonable time-frame.
10.3. The Website coordinator shall not be liable for any infringement by user of the breach of the Terms of Use or any of the foregoing measures and any consequences thereof. The measures described in this paragraph are not exhaustive, and the Website coordinator is authorized to take other measures, including applying to law enforcement agencies or initiating other legal procedures against user.

11. Protection of Information and Personal Data

11.1. The sole purpose of requesting information by the Website coordinator is its use exclusively within the object and purpose of the Website.
11.2. All information submitted by users is accessible to them and they may request from the Website coordinator via e-mail to delete or modify any information within a short time-frame and this requirement is subject to immediate execution by the Website coordinator according to the Terms of Use.
11.3. The Website coordinator keeps the confidentiality of the confidential information provided by users on the secured servers.
11.4. By using the Website, users give their consent to the Website coordinator to disseminate any publicly available information to any third party, or to disseminate it through any means taking into account the operating goals of the Website and its development.
11.5. The Website coordinator is authorised to request and receive certain personal data from individuals. These data are subject to protection in accordance with the personal data protection requirements. Other requirements for personal data protection and detailed rules, other than these rules, are also included in the Privacy Policy of the Website that constitutes an integral part of the Terms of Use.

12. Technical Settings

12.1. Reference to the Website is mandatory, when Website users use any information published in the website, provided that they do so legally and without prejudice to the reputation of the Website coordinator or attempt to obtain a commercial advantage against him.
12.2. Users do not have the right to link to the Website in any way or for the purpose of showing that they are allegedly a Website coordinator, on behalf of website coordinator or its staff.
12.3. Users do not have the right to use the Website consciously to distribute technology viruses or other harmful materials. Users do not have the right to try to access unauthorized access to the Website or server on which it is stored, or any computer or other hardware or database associated with the Website. Any such unauthorised access or attempt to access causes liability defined by the law.
12.4. The Website coordinator is not responsible for losses, damages, or any other consequential damages arising from any viral attack or other malicious actions that occur on the Website resulting from the use or download of any of the sites or materials listed on the Website.

13. Amendments

13.1. The Website coordinator reserves the right to amend and supplement the Terms of Use at any time, and users must use the Website in accordance with any modifications or additions made.

14․ Contacts

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