Article Submission Guideline

Last Updated: January 2024


1. Credentials

Please, first include your name, current, position and verifiable contact details. You may also submit curriculum vitae and/or brief biography. Please send us a high-resolution color headshot with all submissions. We will include a short bio sketch of the author with each published article. Company affiliation as it relates to the article (one mention), and one method of contact (Web or e-mail address) are permissible.

2. Copyright

By submitting your article for publication you guarantee that you do not violate the copyright or other rights or interests of other person and there is not any conflict of interest with anyone.

3. Content

Your article’s content must refer to the scope and objectives of Lexis. It may have informative, educational or scientific nature and concern to any legal problem. If you are not sure whether Lexis is interested in the subject matter of your article, please ask us before submitting the article.

4. Promotion

Article or its part must not be commercial or promotional with respect to any specific product or service. Any such references will be omitted or reworded in general terms.

5. Length

We recommend a length of approximately 1000-2,000 words, typed, single-spaced. We may return longer submissions with a request to edit down to our suggested word count or it may be divided into more than one article. These restrictions does not refer to scientific-analytical  articles, that will be in line with the requirements set for publishing of these type of materials.

6. Formatting

We prefer Microsoft Word documents. Please do not send PDF files or files in other format. We only considers electronic submissions. Documents with a simple font, such as Times New Roman, are the most convenient standard for us. You may also simply paste the article in the body of an email.

7. Review and Modification

We appreciate your efforts to make the article as accurate, interesting and reader-friendly as possible.

Our editorial team reviews all articles. In general, this process takes approximately two weeks. You will receive notification by email as to whether we are interested in publishing your article, and a general timeframe for publication.

We may format articles using this guideline, and edit at our discretion for grammar, flow and readability. This can include changing a title to maximize reader engagement and/or accommodate space limitations. In addition, editors may perform sentence and/or paragraph edits for space. The author is contacted when the editor has a question regarding the meaning of a particular passage, the accuracy of a statement is in question, or more information is required.

You will be notified of all changes of your article made by the editorial team.

8. Publication and Removal

If accepted, your article will appear in applicable online page of our website, and you will be notified on that.

The website coordinator is authorized to reject publication or remove published articles for fulfilling the legal requirements and the Terms of Use, or for protection of human dignity or business reputation, or for other legitimate considerations by notifying the author. The author has no right to require any additional justification from the website coordinator for rejecting the publication of the article or removing the published article.

9. Attribution

If you have previously published the article through another publisher, please be sure to obtain permission for republishing before submitting the article to Lexis. We are not responsible for obtaining permissions for your article submissions. For articles that are submitted to Lexis for publication, we would love to include a link-back to your blog or to the original publisher of the article․ Please include all necessary information in your original submission. We would ask you to post Lexis link with your article in your blog, social media pages and/or on the website of original publisher.

10. Payments

Submitting an article to Lexis for publications is free.
We do not pay for publishing articles.

11. Acceptance

By submitting your email address and article for publication with Lexis you agree and accept this Guideline, the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.