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Tax and Customs

Our tax professionals are well experienced in the taxation policies and legislation of Armenia. They provide tax services to local, regional and international clients both for individuals, public companies and private firms.

We are able to offer international services, ensuring compliance on the part of local companies seeking to do business internationally, as well as foreign investors wishing to operate in the Republic of Armenia.

Our tax experts have years of experience in cross-border transactions. In these matters, we work closely with our colleagues across the Nextlaw Referral Network and with other professional services providers.

Our wide range of tax services include but not limited to:

  • tax advocacy,
  • compliance,
  • tax planning,
  • tax registrations,
  • exchange control,
  • applications,
  • valuations,
  • immigration services,
  • administrative and judicial claims, etc.

In a tax matter we closely work with local and foreign financial specialist and accountants to keep our clients secure in their tax obligations.

Start your business in Armenia from anywhere and keep it 100% compliant.

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