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Lexis was founded by “Lyudvig Davtyan” Law Office, that offers wide range of legal services both in Armenia and abroad.

On the website you can find information about our services, samples of legal documents, literature and other materials that can be useful to those who are interested in legal issues.

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We apply the most flexible and comprehensive solutions for providing the best support to the businesses and individuals.


For full-package support, we cooperate with foreign and local law firms, accountants, auditors and forensic experts.


We offer flexible services with affordable conditions. We take care of your budget, your time and your plan. We use the best technique and modern technologies.

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Lyudvig Davtyan

Law Office Founder

The founder and owner of “Lyudvig Davtyan” Law Office is Dr. Lyudvig Davtyan, PhD in Law,  Advocate.

Dr. Lyudvig Davtyan has graduated from the Law Faculty of Yerevan State University (YSU) in Armenia both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree with diplomas with honors. He was awarded the degree of Doctor of Law by the Council at YSU in 2010.

Since 2012 Dr. Lyudvig Davtyan is a member of the Chamber of Advocates of of Armenia.

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Our law office offers a wide variety of services for banks, credit companies, financial institutions and professionals in financial sector.


Our lawyers provide legal services contractors, material suppliers, designers, architects, and engineers in all aspects of construction.


Our experienced lawyers support the enterprises, emerging startup companies and financial institutions in their operation, development and investment activities.


Our intellectual property attorneys can help you handle every stage of protecting your intellectual property and recover your violated rights and interests.

Real Estate

Our team can assist you with a wide range of both commercial and residential real estate matters. We may handle all types of real estate transactions.

Tax and Customs

In tax and custom matters we closely work with local and foreign specialist and accountants to keep our clients secure in their financial obligations.
"In fact, the little details are by far the most important"
Sherlock Holmes

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Lyudvig Davtyan Law Office is a member of Nextlaw Referral Network (NRN) launched by the Dentons Law Firm.
NRN is one of Leading Legal Network in the world.
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Lyudvig Davtyan Law Office has been listed as one of the law firms providing legal services for US citizens in Armenia.
This list was created by the U.S. Embassy in Armenia.
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Though in a lot of cases you can handle your legal issue without a lawyer, it is best to have a professional  who can help advocate for you in legal situations,  and keep you advised of your rights. This helps you receive the most favorable outcome in your individual situation.

We are a professional team with  years of combined experience. We are able to dedicate the appropriate resources and time to manage your case. Our current and prior clients may share their experience with you.

At our office we handle any type of legal related case or project.

Please sea our Services.

You can expect to have experienced attorneys at your disposal who will survey every detail of your case. You can expect our ability to effectively advocate difficult and complex cases, and our desire to work cooperatively and ethically to attain  favorable results for our clients.

Yes, you can contact us at anytime you find preferable for you. We can schedule a date and time to meet with you at a location that is more convenient for you.

The simple truth is that every case is different, and we cannot evaluate any particular case without first knowing the facts. So, we may discuss the case worth for each case separately. 

The duration of a court case is depend on the facts and complexity of the case. We may evaluate  approximate duration of your case after having information on facts and situation of your case on hand.

To get started you may  submit us a message with brief description of your legal issue or project. Once submitted, we will review your email and contact you urgently.