Lexis legal team​

Legal services and more

Legal Consulting

We provide legal guidance and instruction to persons and businesses in particular practice areas we work.

Corporate Service

We offer outsourcing legal work to businesses that are interested in qualified, cheap, operative and effective legal solutions.

Criminal Defense

Our criminal defense attorneys have years of experience and expertise in criminal law, and are here to offer you the best support you need.

Legal Audit

As part of corporate services, our office performs legal audit and risk assessment of legal entities and sole proprietors.


At our law office you are guaranteed to receive the best possible representation in courts and other state bodies.


We provide legal support in commercial and personal transactions in any of domestic and international sectors.

Legal Writing

We prepare or review various forms of legal documents both for individual and corporate clients in any language.

Project Development

Our project development team may handle managing any legal work that involves drafting and executing a legal related project.


Our office organizes courses for law students or applicants to the School of Advocates of the Republic Armenia.

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Keep testing​

Tests for Law Students

Lexis publishes quiz tests for law students. The test questions are from different spheres of law based on Armenian legislation. Please note that tests are in Armenian.

For preparing the tests we have used the materials of exam tests of the Advocates School of Armenia.

So, the tests are also useful for the applicants of the Advocates School of RA.

literature online

Legal E-library

We announce collection of electronic legal literature to publish in our website. We are constructing a special page of legal library in Lexis that will be open for free use. To publish your scientific articles or books in the field of jurisprudence please contact us.
Scientific materials from other fields, such as economics, finance, technologies and more are also possible to publish, if they refer to the scope and objectives of Lexis.
Publishing with us is free.