Court Proceedings

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Our qualified and experienced representative law team covers every instance court of the Republic of Armenia (Courts of First Instance, Anticorruption Court, Bankruptcy Court, Administrative Court, Courts of Appeal and Cassation Court).

Court representation service includes also representation of clients during Arbitration and in Constitutional Court.

We provide legal support during the execution of court’s decisions in Compulsory Enforcement Service of Armenia.

We represent our clients also in the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg and in other international institutions. Besides, legal representation service covers administrative representation of clients before tax and licensing agencies, municipalities and other administrative bodies.

In cross-border matters we cooperate with our foreign colleagues to represent our clients abroad. At our law office you are guaranteed to receive the best possible representation. 

Case complexity is not a matter.

Start your business in Armenia from anywhere and keep it 100% compliant.

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