Negotiation & Deal


We provide legal support in commercial and personal transactions in any sector. Our legal services cover a wide range of domestic and international transaction issues. 
These services include:

  • preparation of necessary documents package for a transaction
  • clarification of possible risks and legal results of transaction prior to its signing
  • due diligence of assets and associated risks
  • representation of a party in a transaction
  • negotiations with counterparties to agree disputable provisions
  • drafting of contracts, agreements, memorandums and any other form of collaborative documents
  • complete and file legally required forms, including tax exemption applications
  • export and import legal control
  • application for registration of a transaction or rights derived from it, etc.

Dealing with a transaction, we represent our clients in notary offices, state registry agencies and in other entities. We assist also in expert assessments and in financial processing to finalize the transaction successfully.

State is not a matter.

Start your business in Armenia from anywhere and keep it 100% compliant.

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