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Developer – an individual or an organization, who is the author (initiator) of the project.

Investor – an individual or an organization that provides financial means for the implementation of the project.

visitor – everyone who visits

Individuals with business ideas, startups, business owners, investing companies, banks and credit companies, private investors, foundations, NGOs, etc. are welcome to use Lexis.

project – a commercial, non-commercial project or social entrepreneurship program that a Lexis user offers to implement in case of funding

commercial project – a business idea or business plan, the main goal of which is to make profit. Your commercial project may concern making, selling or buying some goods, products or services

non-commercial project – a social program that does not addressed to make profit and is aimed at solving social, scientific, educational, health, cultural, religious, environmental and other issues and to gain public benefits

social entrepreneurship – a project by start-up companies and entrepreneurs, in which they develop, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues.

project sphere – a sector or field which your project refers to such as agriculture and natural recurses, transportation and logistics, waste recycling or production of goods, etc.
If your project sphere does not fall into the list of the submission form, please select Other.

investment – providing grant support, loan or credit, lease, franchise or any other form of material assistance for the implementation of any project

grant – funds that a government or other institution gives to an individual or to an organization to realize a project addressed to solving social, scientific, educational, health, environmental and other issues

loan – an amount of money that is borrowed from one or more individuals, organizations, or other entities and has to be paid back, usually together with an extra amount of money

credit – an agreement whereby a bank or other financial institution agrees to lend a borrower a maximum amount of money over a given time period

franchise – license or authorisation to a third party to make business using your business logo, name, trademarks, knowledge, processes and business model for agreed payment

lease – a contract under which one party agrees to rent land, transport, equipment, machine or other property owned by another party for a specified time, usually in return for a periodic payment

venture capital – a type of investment provided by outside investors to new businesses that have high growth potential

capital investment a sum of financial resources provided to a company to further its business objectives. It may also refer to a company’s acquisition of long-term assets such as real estate, machinery, land, etc.

business sale the sale of all or substantially all the undertaking and assets of the group in one transaction or a series of transactions

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  • be accurate (if it contains facts), reasonable (if it is opinion or assessment) and at any time updated,
  • contain all information that is required by the submission form,
  • be submitted by the user or a person who is authorized to do so on behalf of the user and in his/her favor,
  • be linked to any project or program relating to the object and purpose of the site,
  • be in compliance with the criteria of admissibility defined in the Terms of Use,
  • be in compliance with the requirements of the legislation and agreements with Lexis.

Not Allowed

  • contain any information or formulation that has a slanderous, threatening, insulting nature or preaching hatred, violence, discrimination or other unlawful acts or activities, or which implies invasion of another person’s private life,
  • violate the copyright or related rights of another person,
  • breach any obligation by the user towards a third party, including the obligation to maintain any contractual or confidential information,
  • refer to activities prohibited by law,
  • leave a false impression that the user is in any way connected with the website coordinator and operates on his behalf.

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In case of non compliance with the Terms of Use, you will be suggested review your project according to those terms.


In case of compliance with the Terms of Use, your submitted project will be published with Lexis.

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