Promotion of the Development of Armenian Law

Project No 4578545
Published on 25.04.2020

Project description

The purpose of the project is to promote the development of law in the Republic of Armenia. For this purpose, the project is addressed to realize legal-analytical expertise in RA Constitutional Court cases. The project is intended to carry out legal-analytical activity in various fields of law and provide conclusions to the Constitutional Court of Armenia.

Project Details

1. Main Concept

The project is addressed to provide a comprehensive examination of constitutional cases and legal disputes and the effectiveness of law-making activities, contributing to the development of law. The project is intended to involve 2 (two) expert advocates that will provide expert opinions on constitutional cases during for 12 months period.

The distribution of cases between the experts, the review and referral of their conclusions will be carried out by the project coordinator. Expert opinions, before submitting them to the Constitutional Court, will be sent to the Advocates of the Chamber of Advocates of Armenia for their opinion. After submitting the conclusions submitted by the experts to the Constitutional Court, they will also be posted on the website of the Chamber of Advocates of Armenia.

2. Selection of Advocates

The process of selecting expert advocates to participate in the project will be organized through a competition to ensure transparency, objectivity and publicity of the project. The competition will be organized in two stages: written (based on CV) and interview. An independent commission will be set up to evaluate the applications, composed of the Chairman of the RA Chamber of Advocates, his/her Deputy, the Project Coordinator, the Chief of Staff of the RA Chamber of Advocates.

In the first stage of the CV evaluation, applicants selected by the committee will be invited for an interview (second stage). At the interview stage, the commission will conduct an interview with the Advocates applying for the project, and as a result of the interview the commission will select the Advocates participating in the project.

3. Expertise by Advocates

After selection the advocates will make analytical work and provide conclusions on constitutional cases. This analytical work will take place during 12 months period. Selected advocates will provide written opinions on constitutional cases for each month. These opinions will be submitted to the Constitutional court, as well as posted on the website of the Chamber of Advocates.

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